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I am excited to share a few thoughts about mastering the skills of receiving Divine inspiration, and excellent expression with the end goal of unrestrained impartation. We see in part and prophesy in part now...but could we see more in part and prophesy more in part then?!

The idea of spiritual inspiration permeates every single area of creativity. Man creates when he is inspired and all inspiration has a source. Initially, this breath of life(the Holy Spirit) was the only source of inspiration pointing man to craft, fashion, mould cultivate and steer creation towards a projected horizon. These horizons of inspiration were captured in the scriptures as trees with all horizons pointing, pushing and persuading humanity and all of creation towards the likeness of Jesus Christ(the tree of life). This ultimate destination is not just the true source of all inspiration(alpha) but also the climax of inspiration(omega) as all of creation has a objective of bringing God pleasure as Jesus did therefore achieving some unique form of resemblance with Christ! This was the order of creativity until man fell and alien sources began to function as sources of inspiration. Unfortunately, since these alien sources couldn't give life as the Holy Spirit does, it is now possible for man to be inspired, but that source of inspiration can hurt, damage and sadly kill him in his body, soul or spirit. For man to successfully create as God did and bring life to the universe, man now has to choose to train himself to be holy in choosing the source of inspiration limiting his source to the Holy Spirit and the constellations of pleasure(Eden, the garden of God). This limitation is so that man doesn't die, but continues to bask in the beauties of holiness as he continues to craft and fashion creation after the image and likeness of God!

April 16, 2020

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