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My thoughts on this can be summarized as followsn- Nations are governed by spiritual forcesn- Unfortunately most nations are governed by dark spiritual forcesn- Show that these dark spiritual forces make it hard or near impossible for the reign of Christ to be an attractive or even considerable goaln- Explain that for a nation to be governed by Jesus, its leaders have to be willingly or unwillingly brought into alignmentn- Explain that this bringing existing government leaders into alignment would be as a consequence of granting the leaders of the nation clarity of sight because of a thorough cleansing of the dark spiritual forces responsible for making the beauty of the reign of Christ difficult to seen- Explain how many of the decisions springing from the purging of these dark spiritual forces might look like several facets of society(previously deemed as necessary) shutting down permanentlyn-As these facets are shut down, only the things that will not be shaken would remain as the society continues to morph slowly but surely into a system of communities that welcome the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ

September 21, 2023

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