ODOZii Studios makes your world beautiful through these four major agencies

Web Design + Development

Storytellers Digital Agency

With years of experience in web design and mobile application development, our team of creative experts design user-centric digital experiences will help drive the engagement you need to elevate your brand

Video Production + Event Coverage

Purple_r Productions

Purple_r Productions specializes in high-quality video production, offering a range of services including commercials, documentaries, and corporate videos. Our experienced team of filmmakers and storytellers bring your vision to life

Graphic Design powered by AI

El-Shadd.AI Digital Expressions

Experience cutting-edge graphic design and the power of AI art from the El-Shadd.AI Creative Expression Studio. We create stunning visual designs and incorporate artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of creativity

Media Training + Careers

Gibborim Media Academy

Gibborim Media Academy is an art, media, and creativity school dedicated to activating prophetic gifts and training artisans. Our diverse range of courses and workshops empower students to master their craft and with spiritual understanding, make an impact in today's world