About Us

What we can do for you


ODOZii Studios has one vision that dives every subsidiary :
to make you and your world more beautiful through each project  
So whether you want to start a new podcast, write a children's book, sell beauty products online or learn how to make an AI service setup a social media marketing  campaign for your company, we are here to sprinkle beauty and shine light on you and your vision!


ODOZii studios started as a design studio of one - Francis Isibor! With several years of making beautiful things and blessing multiple clients, we diversified and built other ways we can spread light and beauty in the world!


At our core, ODOZii studios is a Christian company with the hopes of transforming the world by touching clients and their target audience though our products and services. When we speak of light and beauty invading every space, we are really speaking of the light of Christ invading the darkness of this world! We believe in the invasion of God's kingdom into every sphere and trust that the Lord's mercy would be shown in and through every project