The Rise of ARM

Thoughts on the RISC Architecture

With Apple having unveiled their second tier of their RISC based M1 processor family, its very clear that ARM chips are going to be major players in the next few years as the stage is slowly being set for a new season of chip wars...which I personally believe is hilarious given the current chip shortage.

As of 2023, Apple Silicon Chips have taken the tech world by storm, revolutionizing the way we think about personal computing. These custom-designed chips, based on ARM architecture, have enabled Apple to take full control over its hardware and software, delivering outstanding performance, efficiency, and integration. The M1 chip, for example, boasts an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU, delivering up to 3.5 times faster CPU performance and up to 6 times faster GPU performance compared to previous Intel-based Macs. This has allowed Apple to create thinner, lighter, and fanless devices, such as the MacBook Air, without sacrificing performance.

The M1 chip's unified memory architecture enables the CPU, GPU, and other components to access the same memory pool, reducing latency and increasing performance. Additionally, the chips boast advanced power management features, enabling devices to deliver peak performance while consuming less energy, resulting in longer battery life.

My honest thoughts on all of this are that these new chips are presenting the world with democratized performance and the ubiquity that is coming with advanced computing. This isn't even taking into account the incredible progress with things like artificial intelligence and other similar frontiers because looking at that alone demands a whole other blogpost(coming soon). The average person would be able to express his or herself fully to the world and the hurdles of the pricing or scarcity of the tools that can accomplish even the most complex projects. What I see this leading to is a whole new world where the hearts and minds of every individual can be given sufficient representation to the entire world. On the spiritual landscape, you can imagine the gross darkness that would be coming as a consequence of all of this.

My conclusion is a call to action to all believers in these times. As the world continues to get darker and darker and the tools for expressing darkness continue to get faster, more popular and more powerful, we are to make sure that our light is shining bright so that in the midst of the thick darkness, men would be drawn to our light and to the brightness of our rising! Jump on the bandwagon and make sure that you aren't using outdated tools in sharing the love of Jesus...and while you're at it, ask the Lord if there's a new frontier that you're meant to be pioneering...

April 16, 2020

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